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Georgia Model Urban Forest - Online

"Trees are an important part of both our communities and the ecological systems in which we live, providing significant economic, social, and environmental benefits. They are as necessary as water, roads, and energy to sustaining healthy communities.

"The collection of trees in and around our cities make up what is called the urban forest. A single tree may be as important as a patch of forest remnant, and to sustain the urban forest we must preserve existing trees, plant new ones, and also maintain them. This valuable resource is rapidly being lost to development pressures, and we must rethink the way we plan and build our communities in order to stop and eventually reverse this trend.

"This website was created to provide communities and citizens, as well as professionals in the field, with the information, tools, and references necessary to begin to plan their development with the “green infrastructure” of the urban forest in mind." [from Website homepage]

Georgia Model Urban Forest - Online

Policy, Infrastructure (green), Ordinances/Regulation, Best Management Practices (BMPs), Rooting Area
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