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"Green open spaces in urban areas are essential for the people's quality of life and urban sustainability. As these areas tend to be used as a freely accessible public asset, their full value is often under-appreciated, leading to a lack of investment and maintenance. Five ongoing EU funded research projects are addressing, from different perspectives, the function of green space in the urban environment. Rather than presenting the results of these individual projects in a fragmented way, the projects have come together to present their findings in a co-ordinated manner in order to enhance their impact.‘Greencluster’ is a so-called accompanying measure to the EU’s research programme on ‘The City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage’. This measure aims to guide the programme’s five projects on green space in and around towns and cities towards a joint presentation of their findings. the five projects each have their own methods, acronyms and websites. They should all be completed by the middle of 2004. The projects are:

BUGS (Benefits of Urban Green Spaces)

GREENSCOM (Communicating Urban Growth and Green)

GREENSPACE (on the valuation of urban green spaces)

RUROS (Rediscovering the Urban Realm and Open Spaces)

URGE (Developing Urban Green Spaces for Quality of Life)

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