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Alliance for Regional Stewardship

The Alliance for Regional Stewardship (ARS) focuses on four main issues:

innovative economies

livable communities

social inclusion

collaborative governance.

This organization's website includes:

book reviews

monographs (a series of working papers on key regional topics)

regional best practices and case studies


and other resources.

"The Alliance for Regional Stewardship (ARS) is a national, peer-to-peer network of regional stewards who benefit by sharing experiences and working collaboratively on innovative approaches to common regional challenges. ARS is for proven leaders who recognize the interdependencies of their regions’ economy, environment, and society—and are seeking practical ways to effect change as regional stewards. These stewards can come from business, government, education, or community sectors, but they share a common commitment to collaborative action and regional stewardship. ARS supports Regional Stewardship by helping leaders learn about best practices from other regions, communicate to state/federal leaders and the media about regional challenges and innovations, and develop new leaders for regional stewardship efforts." [from website]

Alliance for Regional Stewardship

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