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Smart Growth America

"Smart Growth America is a coalition of nearly 100 advocacy organizations that have a stake in how metropolitan expansion affects our environment, quality of life and economic sustainability. Our diverse coalition partners include national, state and local groups working on behalf of the environment, historic preservation, social equity, land conservation, neighborhood redevelopment, farmland protection, labor, town planning … and we’re growing all the time. Americans want fewer hours in traffic and more opportunities to enjoy green space; housing that is both affordable and close to jobs and activities; healthy cities, towns and suburbs; air and water of the highest quality; and a landscape our children can be proud to inherit. Smart growth offers the best chance we have of attaining those goals. To that end: Smart Growth America's coalition is working to support citizen-driven planning that coordinates development, transportation, revitalization of older areas and preservation of open space and the environment."

Smart Growth America

Open Space, Planning, Sustainable Development
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