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Impervious Surface Analysis Tool (ISAT)

"To protect water quality, it is helpful to know the percentage of an area covered by impervious surfaces. The Impervious Surface Analysis Tool (ISAT) is used to calculate the percentage of impervious surface area of user-selected geographic areas (e.g. watersheds, municipalities, subdivisions). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coastal Services Center and the University of Connecticut Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Program developed this tool for coastal and natural resource managers. ISAT is available as an ArcView® 3.x, an ArcGIS® 8.x, or an ArcGIS® 9.x extension."

Impervious Surface Analysis Tool (ISAT)

Stormwater Management, Water Quality/Quantity, GIS/Mapping, Watershed Management
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