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VRMP and UTRI Links to Documents & Archived Webinars

A list of URL links at Urban Forestry South of the final project documents and presentations.

A document with URL links to the archived webinars (4) and final project documents.  These include:

Documents and PowerPoint Files:

  • Vegetation Risk Management Plan Template - with Attachment
  • VRMP Verification and Inspection Worksheet (Excel)
  • UTRI Data Process and GIS Tool Description (11"x17" format)
  • Collaboration Opportunities for Urban Forestry and Emergency Management (PowerPoint)
  • Debris Management - Staging Areas (PowerPoint)
  • Vegetation Risk Management Template (PowerPoint)

Webinar Presentations:

  • Urban Tree Risk and Disasters: Assessment, Planning and Recovery (September 28th)
  • Urban Tree Risk & Disasters: Vegetative Risk Management Plan (VRMP) & Urban Tree Risk Index (UTRI) (December 6th)
  • Urban Tree Risk & Disasters: UTRI – Risk zones, assessments, and mitigation (December 13th)
  • Urban Tree Risk & Disasters: Vegetative Risk Management Plan and Debris Management (January 9th)
D.R. Hartel, R. Barker
Date Published
January 2013
Urban Forestry South
Athens, Georgia (US)
Resource Format
Risk Assessment and Hazard, Disaster
VRMP, UTRI, Disaster, Disaster Planning
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