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Urban Tree Conservation: A White Paper on Local Ordinance Approaches

This paper is a discussion of various approaches to conservation of urban forests on private property. It represents a collection of examples from ordinances from cities and counties around the United States, relevant scientific and policy information, and analysis and conclusions.

Localities have created a broad range of methods for regulating private trees, with names including tree cutting ordinance, tree permitting ordinance, and tree conservation ordinance. This report considers all approaches that aim to manage trees on private property. In addition, tree conservation ordinances are only one type of tree regulation that municipalities and counties commonly adopt. Thus, relevant aspects of related ordinances and planning strategies are also discussed in this paper.

S.S. Nichols
Date Published
September 2007
Montgomery Tree Committee
Montgomery, AL (US)
Resource Format
Electronic File
Biodiversity, Ordinances/Regulation, Benefits (general/multiple)
Alabama, National
Development, Development, Mitigation, Mitigation, Tree preservation, Tree preservation
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