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Urban Tree Canopy and Disaster Mitigation

A one page factsheet that provides an overview of UTC assessments and uses and a more detailed discussion of using UTC for disaster planning and mitigation in your local community.

Urban and community trees and forests are part of the green infrastructure that complements a community’s grey infrastructure (i.e. the built structures that support a community) and should be managed with equal importance. Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) assessments help communities determine how much of their land area is covered by trees, and the location/extent of those trees relative to the built structures, impervious hardscapes, and other green infrastructure components (e.g. parks, wetlands, riparian buffers, trail systems).

D. Hartel
Date Published
October 2014
Urban Foresty South
Athens, GA (US)
Resource Format
Urban Tree Canopy Assessment, ANSI Standards, Disaster
UTC, VRMP, GIS, Disaster Planning, Mitigation, UTRI, ANSI A300
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