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Urban Forests in Florida: Trees Control Stormwater Runoff and Improve Water Quality

In this fact sheet we will show how individual trees and urban forest cover assist in maintaining our watershed health, improve water and soil quality, and lower maintenance and construction costs of water storage and treatment systems.

Along with human actions, the trees, vegetation,pervious soils, and human structures that make up an urban forest influence several hydrological functions in ways that can affect the quality of life of people living in the urban forest. An area of particular concern is the loss of natural forests and tree cover in and around urban areas due to development. This loss can result in increased stormwater runoff and decreased water quality. Neighborhoods with fewer trees have the potential for increased stormwater, pollutants, and chemicals flowing into their water supply and systems, resulting in health risks, flood damage, and increased taxpayers' dollars to treat the water. Communities can lessen the effect of these damages by maintaining or increasing the numbers of trees in their communities and by minimizing roads and other impervious surfaces.

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J. Seitz, F. Escobedo
Date Published
May 2008
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Stormwater Management
Florida, Southeast
Stormwater Management, xGI
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