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Urban Forest Sustainability and Management Review - Checklist

This is the current version of the Urban Forest Sustainability & Management Review checklist. Also see the beta version of the Excel spreadsheet tool. [23Feb17 Austin]

The Urban Forest Sustainability & Management Review System is designed to provide a framework for comprehensively evaluating urban forest management programs.

The primary objectives of the program review are to:

  • engage the full spectrum of the organizations’ management team: executive, financial, resource, and outreach,
  • provide program direction that increases the level of professionalism in urban forest management,
  • conduct a gap analysis of management practices and the health of green assets
  • increase the health of the green assets managed by the program, and…
  • optimize this management for identified ecosystem services (i.e. reach an acceptable benefit:cost ratio).

The checklist includes a proposed list of UF management activities to meet Standard of Care (SOC).

This review system (the checklist and the process) can be used for municipal or county urban forest management programs, or to evaluate college or corporate campus management programs.  The system is particularly suited for the independent evaluation of participants in Arbor Day Foundation programs like Tree Campus USA(r) or Tree City USA(r).

J. Abbot, D. Hartel, S. Kidd, E. Macie, C. Mitchell
Date Published
September 2015
Urban Forestry South
Athens, Georgia
Resource Format
Urban Forest Management, Arboricultural Profession, Sustainability, Best Management Practices (BMPs), ANSI Standards
BMP, SOC, Program Review
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UFS - drh
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