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UFST ANSI A300 and Risk Assessment for Task Specialists

Presentation handouts with narrative from the UFST Task Specialist Workshop in Raleigh at William Peace University (June 2013).

This is the Tree Risk Assessment Specifications presentation developed by the UFST Advisory Committee & the USDA Forest Service for the UFST Task Specialist workshop in Raleigh, NC; June 18-20, 2013.

The Urban Forest Strike Team program was developed by the Southern Group of State Foresters and has since been adopted and adapted for use throughout the eastern United States.

The objective of this presentation is to introduce the ANSI A300 Part 9) in general terms) and ISA BMP risk protocol and its relationship to the UFST assessments provided following significant disaster events; and the respective roles (for risk assessments) of Team Leaders and Task Specialists.

  • Basis for risk assessments – (ANSI & ISA BMP)
  • Team Leader – Tree Risk discussions with the municipalities
  • The ANSI A300 (Part 9) Risk Assessment standard and how it applies to UFST
  • UFST specification components
  • An overview of the ISA BMP for Risk Assessment
  • Task Specialists role in risk assessment – field data & observations
  • How the risk specification & BMP protocol are executed in the field (UFST deployment)


The following three (3) references are used for this presentation (i.e. current arboricultural standards):

  • ANSI A300 (Part 9)-2011 Tree Risk Assessment; a. Tree Structure Assessment, Tree Care Industry Association, Inc., Londonderry, NH
  • Best Management Practices: Tree Risk Assessment (2011), Smiley, E.T., and N. Matheny, S. Lilly, International Society of Arboriculture, Champaign, IL
  • Tree Risk Assessment - Manual (2013), Dunster, J. and  E.T. Smiley, N. Matheny, and S. Lilly, International Society of Arboriculture, Champaign, IL (i.e. TRAQ)
D.R. Hartel
Date Published
June 2013
Urban Forestry Soouth
Athens, GA (US)
Resource Format
Power Point Presentation
Risk Assessment and Hazard, Arboricultural Profession, ANSI Standards, Disaster
UFST, ANSI, A300, Risk
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UFS (drh)
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