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Soil Profile Rebuilding—Abbreviated Specification

Specification for Restoration of Graded and Compacted Soils that will be Vegetated

Soil Profile Rebuilding is an appropriate soil restoration technique for sites where topsoil has been completely or partially removed and subsoil layers have been compacted (graded and/or trafficked by equipment) such as the staging areas near building or road construction sites. It may also be used with some modifications if topsoil is present. This is not an appropriate technique in sites with surface compaction only (6 inches or less), although this situation is rare on construction sites. This technique is not appropriate within the root zones of trees that are to be protected since it will break apart existing tree roots. Soil Profile Rebuilding can improve physical and biological characteristics of soil to allow for revegetation. It does not address soil chemical problems, soil contamination from heavy metals, pathogens, excessive debris or gravel.

S. Day, Y. Chen, W. L. Daniels, R. Harris, R. Layman, B. Mauzy, D. Mitchell, K. McGuire, K. Rolf, B. Strahm, A. Wick, P. E. Wiseman
Date Published
Virginia Tech
Soil Properties, Rooting Area
Soil, Soil amendment, Soil fracturing, Soil aeration
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