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LEAF Summit - UCF Focus Perspective and Human Health

USDA FS national approach to interpreting and using urban forest research (the national technology & science delivery team) – with trees and human health as the focus.

This presentation touches briefly on:

  • The national “team” (Urban & Community Forestry (U&CF) and Technology & Science Delivery (TSD)) and approach
    • U&CF staff across the US (and islands)
    • TSD In progress:
      • Urban Tree Canopy
      • Green Stormwater Infrastructure
      • Urban green and Human Health
  • Partners and collaboration: state forestry agencies (50 states plus islands), NUCFAC, TNC, Sustainable Urban Forestry Coalition connection of urban trees to human health, American Forests (web resource delivery in development), and Urban Waters Federal Partnerships (14)
  • Human Health – early USDA FS work – Sullivan & Kuo
  • Human Health – K. Wolf, Univ of Washington – Green Cities – Good Health
  • Human Health – current literature search (K. Wolf, Univ of Washington)
  • Some recent regional examples of urban green & human health: Tampa, EPA’s HIA in Proctor Creek, West Nile Virus (Atlanta)
  • UCF and human health - A quick look around the country (handout links)
  • More Kids in the Woods – USDA FS
  • and other programs and federal agency programs
D.R. Hartel
Date Published
March 2017
Urban Forestry South
Resource Format
Power Point Presentation
Health (human), Infrastructure (green)
Green infrastructure, Human health, LEAF Summit
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