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Assessing the Impact of NUCFAC-recommended US Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Grants (2010-2015) - White Paper

Twenty-six grants, awarded during years 2010-2015, were assessed for a number of impact indicators.

Since 1994, the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC), to the USDA Secretary of Agriculture, annually recommends close to $1 million in proposed projects that meet the goals and objectives of a National Urban and Community Forestry Action Plan (Plan) ( The Plan, developed in conjunction with thousands of stakeholders and the general public, provides specific goals, actions, and recommendations for improving the status of urban and community forestry for the US and its territories. The purpose of the Plan is to expand awareness of the benefits that urban forests provide communities, including benefits such as natural infrastructure, economic sustainability, and improvements in environmental quality.

To demonstrate the value of NUCFAC-recommended grants in supporting the numerous benefits of urban and community forests, the Forest Service supported an online and phone interview assessment of the impact of these grants.

H. Campbell, W. Hubbard
Date Published
June 2017
Southern Regional Extension Forestry
Athens, Georgia (US)
Resource Format
Model Project/Program
Federal U&CF, Funding and Grants
NUCFAC, U&CF program, SREF, Grant
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