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Select Native Flowering Trees of Georgia

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University Outreach Publication

Native trees have been formed on the anvil of our local environment. Our pests, climate, and soils have combined to generate a wide diversity of native trees. Out of more than 215 native trees in Georgia, there are a few which deserve closer attention for use in landscapes. Within the forest, along field edges, and in swamps are a number of flowering trees -- a splash of color in an ocean of forest green. Many of these native flowering trees are small, having grown below the forest giants, hidden in out-of-the-way places.

Below are listed a number of native flowering trees. Although technically all trees flower, the trees listed below have showy single flowers or flower clusters. These are the tree jewels of Georgia.

(FOR03-17) July 2003

Kim D. Coder
Date Published
School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia
Publisher Location
Athens, GA
Identification, Planting, Selection (tree), Species Selection
Flowering trees, Georgia flowering trees, Georgia native flowering trees, Georgia native trees, Native trees
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