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Construction Damage Assessments: Trees and Sites

Reference Type
University Outreach Publication

A key component in assessing development impacts on trees is the systematic evaluation of damage. Many types of damage occur repeatedly over a site, and from site to site. This constant and repetitive damage comes from fundamental anti-tree and tree-illiterate activities. Under scrutiny of a systematic assessment, these patterned damage forms can be prevented or minimized. Some types of damage (one-time, one-spot, chance occurrences) can be assessed but are difficult to prevent. By attempting to categorize damage, patterns can be recognized and steps taken to minimize tree injury and site degradation. Please note that many development activities and the continued presence of good tree quality are mutually exclusive (spatially and temporally). Decisions must be made early in the planning process to maintain tree quality of life and minimize injury.

(FOR96-39a) October 1996

Kim D. Coder
Date Published
University of Georgia School of Forest Resources
Publisher Location
Athens, GA
Abiotic Factors, Appraisal and Valuation, Best Management Practices (BMPs), Construction, Critical Root Zone (CRZ), Ecological Restoration, Health (tree), Inventory (forest), Land Development, Landscape Design, Protection (tree), Sustainable Development
Construction damage, Construction injury, Crown damage, Root damage, Soil compaction, Stem damage
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