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American Standard for Nursery Stock

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Other (Miscellaneous)

"The purpose of the American Standard for Nursery Stock is to provide buyers and sellers of nursery stock with a common terminology in order to facilitate transactions involving nursery stock.

[T]he standards establish common techniques for (a) measuring plants, (b) specifying and stating the size of plants, (c) determining the proper relationship between height and caliper, or height and width, and (d) determining whether a root ball or container is large enough for a particular size plant." [from General Information page iv]"ANLA finds this collection of industry standards to be so essential, this downloadable file is available for both ANLA members and non-members." [from ANLA website]ANSI Z60.1–2004

Horticultural Standards Committee
Date Published
May 2004
American Nursery & Landscape Association
Publisher Location
Washington, DC (US)
ANSI Standards, Nursery
Leaf characteristics, Nursery stock, Standards
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