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Urban Forestry Spreadsheet for ArcMap Domains

Domains are geodatabase components designed to make GIS editing tasks faster and more accurate ensuring integrity of your database and reliability of all products derived from that data. Within ArcGIS Online (AGOL) domains become the drop-down selection lists in ESRI Collector.

This spreadsheet contains 44 worksheets that can be edited and used to create ArcMap tables and domains for urban forestry applications that use ArcGIS Online (AGOL) and ESRI Collector for smart devices.

The majority of worksheets are examples of species lists that are compatible with i-Tree Eco requirements; in addition, a worksheet contains the complete genus and species list from i-Tree Eco v5.

Additional worksheets define domains for the following ArcGIS feature classes:

  • Urban Forest Strike Team data collection
  • A basic i-Tree Eco inventory (based on the GaTech FGDB model)
  • An example UF management inventory that includes the ISA BMP for Tree Risk, Level 1, and the Guide for Plant Appraisal tree condition rating system
  • Support for a feature class to suooort selecting and evaluating tree planting sites

[New 30May17 Upload]

Date Released/Presented
May 30, 2017
Urban Forestry South
Dudley R. Hartel
USDA Forest Service
320 Green St
Athens, Georgia 30602
706-410-5568 (phone)
AGOL, Risk, Excel, UFST, Domains, Collector
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