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Community Economic Profiles

Researchers on the Wood to Energy team conducted economic analysis in twenty-eight counties across the thirteen southern states. They quantified the supply of wood available from urban waste, forestry residue, and pulpwood within 1 hour travel time from the center of the county. They estimated the cost of that wood based on regional prices and distribution assumptions. They also calculated the economic impact that a 20 MW facility and a 40 MW electricity generating facility could have on the local economy. This information is provided in the state profiles for one to five counties.

While it is appealing to use this information to state that a county has XX tons of wood at XX dollars a ton, this should not be the only information that is shared. The real value in these profiles is the comparison of one county to another. Ideally, your community leaders will be familiar with the environment and development of several of these counties. You will be able to say that one county has more wood or a better road system, which would make the price less than another county. You can ask people to consider what additional variables influence the supply and cost of wood in their region (such as the price of coal, or the forest ownership). You can even use these examples to calculate a supply curve in the county considering a wood-to-energy project.

North Carolina
South Carolina
Assessing the Economic Availability of Woody Biomass
Do-It-Yourself Supply Curves
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