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Webinars, Presentations, and Videos Related to Trees and Stormwater Runoff

Investigating the Stormwater: Quantity and Quality Impacts of Urban Trees
A webinar given by Bill Selbig and Rebecca Dohn on January 8, 2020 discussing current research regarding street tree debris and water quality as well as how Nashville views its urban forest as a stormwater management practice.
Tree Function in Stormwater Biofilters
The Minnesota Stormwater Seminar Series featured trees in bioretention systems as a stormwater runoff mitigation practice. This 2-hour presentation and panel discussion features Jon Hathaway, Research Engineer at University of Tennessee, and some of his stormwater research involving trees.
Stormwater Goes Green: The Benefit and Health of Trees in Green Stormwater Infrastructure (view webcast)
View the on-demand webcast for this presentation
Filling a Need: Developing training for stormwater managers about the influence of trees on urban stormwater
This presentation was given by Charles Barden at the pre-conference workshop for the Center for Watershed Protection Annual Conference in Charleston, SC. This presentation reviews the results from a Stormwater Manager survey assessing the need for training and materials to help them use urban trees ...
More Than Good Looks: How trees influence urban stormwater management in green infrastructure practices
In this webinar, Andrew Tirpak discusses recent research results from studies designed to characterize the health of trees in bioretention practices and the benefits they provide to urban stormwater management. Lyn Rutherford shares observations from managing bioretention and detention ponds in ...
Investigating the Stormwater Quantity and Quality Impacts of Urban Trees
This 2 hour presentation/panel discussion highlights ongoing research projects that will help environmental managers assess the stormwater volume reduction potential of urban trees as well as understand how municipal leaf collection and street cleaning programs can limit the amount of nutrients in ...
Digging into the data: unraveling the influence of urban trees on stormwater quantity and quality
This presentation was given by Trisha Moore at the pre-conference workshop for the 2019 Center for Watershed Protection Annual Conference in Charleston, SC. It shows some of her preliminary results from a meta-analysis done on the most current trees and stormwater research.
Give Me the Numbers: How trees and urban forests really affect stormwater runoff
This archived webinar, and supporting materials, was presented on February 8, 2017.
Capture the Rain and Rebuild the Economy: It Can Happen Here!
This fun animation shows how reconnecting trees to our city's watersheds is one of the fastest ways to create lasting jobs while rebuilding local economies and preparing our communities to thrive and survive increasing threats of severe weather.
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