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How do I submit a meeting announcement for the Events section of Urban Forestry South?

In order to submit a calendar event (or any content) to the UFSe website for 'publication', you must be a registerered user. Then...

  1. Login to Urban Forestry South;
    1. 'Click' on My Workspace;
    2. In the 'Add Item' dropdown, select 'Calendar Event';
    3. 'Click' on 'Add New Item'.
  2. Then enter the event information;
    1. Items with a red marker are required fields;
    2. When all information is entered, 'click' on the 'Save and View'.
  3. Verify the event information you entered;
    1. 'Click' on the 'Edit' tab if you need to make changes.
  4. 'Click' on the 'Review' tab;
    1. From the 'Review' page, select 'Send Content to a Reviewer'.

You will be notified via e-mail when the event has been accepted and 'published'.

M. Howell
Jul 23, 2004
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