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Arkansas Urban Forestry Council

"Urban forestry is the conservation of trees along streets, in open green spaces and watersheds, in parks and in neighborhoods. There are few practices that contribute more to the quality of urban life than the sustainability of the natural resources on which we have built our communities. Trees are important to the economic and environmental health of our communities. Air quality, property value, community beautification, economic attractiveness, and general livability can all be derived from the planting and care of trees in our communities.

"Successful urban and community forestry programs are based onpublic awareness and support. Strong partnerships strengthen localurban forestry programs by advocating polititcal support, increasingmanagement, leveraging private funding, obtaining media support andpromoting public education outreach. Our responsibility is to educatecommunities about the importance of the urban forest environment andhow to manage this valuable resource." [from website homepage]

State U&CF Program, Urban Forest Council
501(c)(3), NGO, Non-profit, Urban forest council, ~SCC
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