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NUCFAC Projects Listing

Completed research and technology projects recommended by the National Urban & Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC) for USDA Forest Service funding.


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NUCFAC recommended projects completed since 1993:

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Title Year of Award Grant Category Author
NUCFAC Grant Urban Forestry Emergency Operations Plan Template for Storm Response (09-DG-11052021-215) 2009 Best Practices
NUCFAC Urban Forestry for 21st Century: Trees, Vitality, and Longevity in Older Americans (NA-97-0280) 1997 Research & Technology Development , None Sullivan, W.
NUCFAC Urban Forestry Phenology and Its Economic Implications (06-DG-11244225-232) 2006 Research & Technology Development , None Arano, K.
NUCFAC Grant Urban Forestry's Return on Investment: Tying Residential Nature to Health Care Expenditures 2016 Building Human Health Through Urban and Community Forestry Matthew Browning
NUCFAC Urban Trees and Municipal Value: Communicating a Park System is Worth to a City (03-DG-11244225-424) 2003 Communicating the Value of U&CF, None Harnik, P.
NUCFAC Urban Trees to Household Furniture (NA-99-0410) 1999 Creative and Innovative Projects, None Steffens, Teresa
NUCFAC Using Benefit/Cost Analysis to Manage an Urban Forest (NA-94-0361) 1994 Costs & Benefits of Urban Forests Laverne, R. J.
NUCFAC Using Community-Based Urban Forestry to Create New Jobs for Lower-Income Urban Residents: A Greater National Demonstration Project in Washington, DC (00-DG-11244225-171) 2000 Creative and Innovative Projects, None McConnell, Mike
NUCFAC Using Ecological Analysis - Expanding the Economic Costs/Benefits Model to Include Air, Water, and Energy (NA-95-0303) 1995 Costs & Benefits of Urban Forests Kollin, C.
NUCFAC Valuing Urban Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) (NA-98-0332) 1998 Research & Technology Development , None Jahnige, Paul
NUCFAC Web Site Enhancement for (01-DG-11020000-068) 2001 Guidebook for Assisting Communities to Develop a Sustainable U&CF Program , None Yager, Mary
NUCFAC Young Citizen Pruners for Today & Tomorrow (NA-94-0331) 1993 Costs & Benefits of Urban Forests Eber-Schmid, Barbara
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