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Parking Lot Design Issues: Trees

A collection of design related resources for trees in parking lots.

Where Are All The Cool Parking Lots? (Color Factsheet)
On a hot summer day, would you rather sit down in a nice shady spot or broil unprotected in the blazing sun? Your car feels the same way. And you know how uncomfortable it is to climb back into the driver’s seat after it’s been baking in the heat. But…
Biotope Area Factor
A "biotope" is an area of uniform environmental conditions providing a living place for specific plants and animals. It is "habitat" for a biological community not just specific species or populations. In urban settings, biotopes have specific characteristics that provide "ecological value". Biotopes can be ranked based on this value.
Trees for parking lots and paved areas
This web site investigates the challenges that parking lots and other paved areas pose for tree growth, offers new strategies for planting trees in such areas, and provides a list of trees that grow well in paved areas in the mid-Atlantic region.
City of Sacramento: Parking lot tree shading design and maintenance guidelines
This document provides standards and guidance for the planting, maintenance, protection, removal and replacement of trees planted pursuant to the parking lot tree shading regulations as defined in the City Code.
Fact Sheet #3: Making Parking Lots More Tree Friendly
This factsheet lists planning, design, and maintenance strategies to increase tree cover in parking lots.
Impervious Surface Reduction: Parking Lot Design
Parking Lot Design is chapter 3 of the Urban Small Sites Best Management Practice Manual and provides design guides for stormwater runoff reduction using vegetation.
Parking Lot Shade
This is the final report on a study to determine the amount of VOC reduction from parking lot shade (i.e. parked vehicles) in Illinois (US).
Parking and trees in cities and towns: Legal and design approaches
This presentation was given at the Georgia Urban Forest Council annual conference in 2005 by Kathleen Wolf. It demonstrates parking lot design to include trees and provides local ordinance language to help guide businesses in developing good, tree-landscaped parking areas.
SEATTLE x Green Factor
The Greening of Seattle’s Neighborhood Business Districts
Trees, Parking and Green Law: Legal Tools and Strategies for Sustainability
"Parking areas are an integral part of the built landscape of America’s cities and towns. Parking lots occupy about 10 percent overall of the land in U.S. cities, and can be as much as 20 to 30 percent of downtown core areas.
Urban Tree Conservation: A White Paper on Local Ordinance Approaches
This paper is a discussion of various approaches to conservation of urban forests on private property. It represents a collection of examples from ordinances from cities and counties around the United States, relevant scientific and policy information, and analysis and conclusions.
Where Are All The Cool Parking Lots?
"The 1970s energy crisis spurred implementation of parking lot shading ordinances in cities such as Sacramento, Davis, and Los Angeles, California. These ordinances required that 50% of the total paved area be shaded within 15 years of the issuance of development permits.
Effects of Tree Cover on Parking Lot Microclimate and Vehicle Emissions
"A pilot study was performed to measure the difference in parking lot microclimate resulting from the presence or absence of shade tree cover. Microclimate data from contrasting shade regimes were then used as input to a motor-vehicle emissions model. Model results were used to estimate the potential for regional increases in parking lot tree cover to reduce motor-vehicle hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions."
Trees, Parking and Green Law: Strategies for Sustainability
"This report is intended to be a resource tool for concerned citizens and professionals in communities who are acting on one facet of sustainability - urban parking lots. The report contains scientific information about environmental impacts of paving in cities, and provides an overview of legal strategies to reduce those effects.
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