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Technical Notes

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Gravel Bed Tree Planting Series - Construction
This document provides instructions for designing, constructing, and maintaining a gravel bed for growing bare-root trees in the South.
Gravel Bed Tree Planting Series – Five-Year Growth Data
This case study documents 5-year diameter growth data of four different tree species out-planted from a gravel bed in Athens, GA.
Gravel Bed Tree Planting Series – Growth Data by Planting Date
Timing of out-planting trees from a gravel bed has been shown to have an impact on diameter growth. Out-planting later in the growing season allows bare-root trees to establish root systems through fall, giving the trees a head start on diameter growth the following growing season compared to trees planted during the winter months.
Gravel Bed Tree Planting Series – Survival Data
This case study documents the rate of survival after 5 years for saplings grown in a gravel bed for 7-15 months and out-planted around Athens, GA.
Technical Notes - Comparison of i-Tree Eco and i-Tree Streets Carbon Storage and Sequestration Values
Two street tree inventories were analyzed using i-Tree Eco and i-Tree Streets. Carbon storage and sequestration values were compared.
Technical Notes - Vue Canopy Cover Estimation
i-Tree Vue tends to underestimate urban tree canopy cover.
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