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New York City Regional Heat Island Initiative

"New York City, like other large cities, is warmer than surrounding areas due to the urban heat island [UHI] effect, which occurs when impervious built surfaces such as roads and buildings absorb solar radiation and re-radiate it in the form of heat. Spatial and temporal variation in surface and near-surface air temperature in New York City can best be described as an "urban heat island archipelago." Mitigation strategies such as urban forestry, living (i.e., green, vegetated) roofs, and light-colored surfaces can be implemented at the community level. However, understanding how these strategies interact with the urban environment requires a combination of input from stakeholders, regional climate modeling, satellite and GIS data, street-level reconnaissance, and cost-benefit analysis." [website]An initiaitive of The Center for Climate Systems Research at Columbia University.

New York City Regional Heat Island Initiative

Air Quality/Pollution, Heat Island
New York
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