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METRIA Proceedings

METRIA, the Metropolitan Tree Improvement Alliance, provides opportunities for collaboration among members in developing better trees for metropolitan landscapes.

METRIA's objectives are:

  • To provide information that will enable wiser choices of species or cultivars for particular urban environments and uses; and information about managerial techniques that will lead to healthier, more beautiful trees.
  • To develop tree cultivars having improved characteristics through breeding, selection and propagation; and preserve valuable germplasm.
  • To promote the utilization of improved cultivars and better cultural techniques.
  • Membership is open to all individuals who are willing to work in activities with the organization and representatives of any other organization that provides financial or other material support. There is no geographic restriction to membership.

The Metropolitan Tree Improvement Alliance (METRIA) hosts a Landscape Plant Symposium on "Plant Development and Utilization" at the various locations across the United States, addressing the exploration, improvement, production, marketing, and application of landscape plants.

North Carolina State University

METRIA Proceedings

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