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Emerald Ash Borer Online Course

This free online course provides an overview of EAB ecology and will empower learners to effectively detect and manage EAB in their communities. The course comprises of six training modules regarding EAB and offers continuing education units after completing the short exams following each module.

Course Objectives: Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive wood boring pest that is native to Asia. Since its discovery in southeastern Michigan in 2002, it has killed millions of native ash (Fraxinus spp.) trees in the midwestern United States and Canada. Experts predict that EAB could spread throughout 25 eastern states over the next ten years without effective suppression measures. A key to slowing EAB spread is early detection and rapid response, which requires education of citizens and resource professionals.

Course Content:

1. Introduction

2. Ecology

3. Identifying EAB and its Hosts

4. Monitoring

5. Management

6. Information Resources

Virginia Tech Department of Horticulture

Emerald Ash Borer Online Course

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