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Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry

The Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry (CUIF) is the result of an integration of two existing centers, formerly know as the Southern Center for Urban Forestry Research and Information in Athens, Georgia and the Southern Center for Wildland-Urban Interface Research and Information in Gainesville, Florida. This integration combines expertise in urban forestry and wildland-urban interface (WUI) issues for the southern region and nationwide. CUIF is part of the Southern Research Station research work unit SRS-4952: Integrating Human and Natural Systems in Urban and Urbanizing Environments. The urban forestry component of CUIF is now called Urban Forestry South, and the WUI component is InterfaceSouth.CUIF supports and conducts research, disseminates new and existing information, serves as a clearinghouse of WUI and urban forestry information, builds partnerships and collaborative efforts and approaches, and facilitates and creates links to and btween other organizations. CUIF's two websites, Urban Forestry South Expo and InterfaceSouth, are useful tools for providing easily accessible information to partners, natural resource practitioners, and the public.

Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry

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