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The Pacific Forest Trust: Preserving Productive Forestlands

Forests have nurtured the economy and culture of the Pacific Northwest for generations.

These are among the most productive forests on earth, yielding a wealth of goods and services: timber, habitat for fish and wildlife, natural beauty, clean air, pure and plentiful water, stable climates -- as well as inspiration, recreation and an abundance of biological diversity we've only begun to explore.

Privately owned forests constitute the more productive half of this forest landscape. But they are threatened; there is no guarantee these forests will still surround us tomorrow. With today's pressing population growth, sprawling communities and other development pressures, private forests are being overharvested, broken up and converted to nonforest uses at increasing rates.

The Pacific Forest Trust is dedicated to enhancing, restoring and protecting private, productive forests, with a primary focus on California, Oregon and Washington. PFT also works nationally to advance these goals. Founded in 1993, PFT is a problem-solving nonprofit conservation organization that collaborates with landowners, forest managers, government agencies and the public to sustain private, working forests for all the values they provide. [from website introduction]

The Pacific Forest Trust: Preserving Productive Forestlands

Conservation Easements, Forest Management, Fragmentation/Parcelization, Carbon
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