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Laboratory for Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology

"The main research of the Laboratory for Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology is devoted to dendrochronology - constructing reference chronologies on oak, pine and spruce for different regions of Sweden. The chronologies are later used for absolute dating of timber from archaeological excavations (settlements, etc.) and standing structures (houses, etc.). "Reference chronologies now exist for the following areas:

South Sweden on oak (Quercus), reaching back to AD 300

Central Sweden on pine (Pinus), reaching back to AD 900 and on spruce (Picea), reaching back to AD 1380

Northern Sweden on pine, reaching back to BC 300 (7000 BP)

"Other research fields are dendroclimatological studies on living conifers (pine and spruce) in Sweden, and dendrochronolgy on Arctic driftwood to study the palaeo-oceanography of the Arctic Sea."The wood-anatomical research is mainly devoted to charcoal identifications of material from archaeological excavations. Changes of the local forest composition are interpreted from these studies." [from website]

Laboratory for Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology

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