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Review of the Available Literature and Data on the Runoff and Pollutant Removal Capabilities of Urban Trees

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Technology Transfer Publication

The Center for Watershed Protection reviewed a total of 159 publications to evaluate the research questions defined in the scope of this project: 1. What is the effectiveness of urban tree planting on reducing runoff, nutrient and sediment, and 2. How does effectiveness vary by species, over time, with differences in planting sites (e.g., distance from impervious cover or other trees, soil conditions, geographic location) and with different maintenance strategies.

In addition to the published literature, the Center also reviewed the available models, calculators and existing credit systems for urban trees. A summary of this review and each tool’s potential utility in developing a national credit for urban trees is provided as part of this synthesis.

Center for Watershed Protection
Date Published
January 2016
Center for Watershed Protection
Publisher Location
Ellicott City, MD
Stormwater Management, Infrastructure (green), Hydrology
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