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U&CF Strategic Plans

State forestry agency and/or U&CF council strategic plans for their state's U&CF programs. Both current and historic plans are maintained in this list.

[VA] Virginia Urban and Comunity Forestry Strategic Plan (2004-2008)
"This document will provide a vision for the Urban and Community Forests for the next five years (2004-2008). This plan will assist the Department of Forestry and its partners to more effective programs at all levels that address the key issues impacting urban and community forests in Virginia.
[AL] Urban & Community Forestry: Alabama's Five-Year Strategic Plan (2001-2005)
"In 1994, Alabama produced a Five-Year Urban Forestry Assessment and Strategic Plan. This landmark document represented the first attempt to create a statewide urban and community forestry program focus. While the plan was initially done to satisfy a USDA Forest Service (FS) requirement to receive federal funds, it set the tone for a statewide vision that continues today.
[AL] Urban and Community Forestry: Alabama's Five-Year Strategic Plan (2007-2111)
"Auburn University through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is responsible for carrying out Alabama’s Urban & Community Forestry (U&CF) Financial Assistance Program. This federally funded program enables the Extension System to provide technical and financial assistance to Alabama’s cities and towns.
[AR] Arkansas Urban Forestry Council Strategic Plan (2002-2007)
This plan identifies 8 outcomes with strategies and tactics. A lead and partnerships are also listed for each tactic along with budget, time-frame and evaluation tools.
[AR] Arkansas Urban Forestry Council Strategic Plan (2004-2009)
This plan for the Arkansas U&CF program identifies seven objectives with strategies and tactics:
[FL] A Vision for Urban and Community Forestry (2005-2010)
"The purpose of this strategic plan is to create a vision for urban and community forestry in Florida, so that the resources will be allocated resulting in optimal urban forests for the benefit and enjoyment of Florida residents." [From Plan]
[GA] Five-Year Plan for Georgia's Urban & Community Forest (2007-2011)
"The Purpose of the Five-Year Plan for Georgia’s Urban and Community Forest is to provide strategic direction for Georgia’s urban and community forestry programs and to coordinate statewide efforts to value, conserve, manage and enhance Georgia’s community forests. The planning committee has been convened by the Georgia Forestry Commission in partnership with the Georgia Urban Forest Council." [from Introduction]
[KY] Planning for a Greener Kentucky (2003-2008)
"The Kentucky Urban and Community Forestry Council serves as an advisory board to the Division of Forestry on urban forestry issues. The Council, in cooperation with the division, has produced this strategic plan to provide the urban forestry program focus and direction.
[LA] Louisiana Urban Forestry Council Strategic Plan (2002-2006)
"Louisiana is known all over the world for its lush greenery. Louisiana trees are among the most beautiful in the world. However, Louisiana’s urban forests face many challenges.
[MS] Mississippi Urban and Community Forestry Strategic Action Plan (2005-2010)
Goal: To insure a sustainable urban and community forest for the future of Mississippi. A sustainable forest can be defined as one which meets both the biological needs of the forest ecosystem and the economic and social needs of our citizenry.
[NC] North Carolina Urban Forestry Plan (2004-2008)
The objective of the U&CF program in North Carolina "is to provide technical assistance and services to individuals, groups, communities, governmental agencies and organizations with respect to the protection, improvement, management, establishment and utilization of trees and shrubs in urban areas, communities, and open spaces, for the improvement of the beauty and livability of the urban environment."
[SC] The Plan: For a Healthier South Carolina
This U&CF Strategic Plan for South Carolina identifies 11 issues with recommended actions:
[TN] Tennessee Urban Forestry Program Plan for 2003-2008
"Approximately 27% of Tennessee's 5.7 million people live in its 4 largest cities. 41% live in the 25 largest cities, and 52% of its people live in incorporated communities 5000 population and larger. Urban Forestry impacts people where they live.
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