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Resources for Replanting the Mississippi Coast

A collection of resources to be considered when developing a large scale replanting program following natural disasters.

Theresources stress:

  • professional involvement & oversight
  • variety of tree selection/planting options
  • quality planting stock
  • site evaluation (relative to utilities & gray infrastructure)
  • proper planting
  • first year watering
  • mulching
  • young tree pruning

Collected By: Dudley R. Hartel 10/12/2007

Sample nursery stock specification for shade trees
Ten steps for the selection of quality trees from the nursery. Step 11 refers the reader to the detailed Florida Grades and Standards.
Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place (North FL)
A guide to help homeowners in north and central Florida select appropriate tree planting locations relative to overhead and underground utilities. The mature tree must have enough space away from power lines and in an area large enough to accommodate the canopy and root system.
Planting a Balled and Burlapped Tree
"Balled and burlapped trees are an excellent way to obtain trees that are large enough to provide a visual impact, yet small enough for homeowners to plant themselves."
Planting a Bare-root Tree
This fact sheet describes when to plant, how to prepare the site before planting, and how to care for your bare-root tree after planting.
Planting specification for trees
Discusses site preparation, planting, mulching and watering which are essential for successfully establishing trees.
Planting, Site Evaluation/Selection, Selection (tree), Species Selection
Planting, Site evaluation, Species selection
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