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Region 8 U&CF Coordinators' Meeting

Material presented at the December 11-13 (2007) U&CF state coordinators meeting in Savannah, Georgia.

Water Quality Trading
Water quality trading is an innovative approach to achieve water quality goals more efficiently. Trading is based on the fact that sources in a watershed can face very different costs to control the same pollutant. Trading programs allow facilities facing higher pollution control costs to meet their regulatory obligations by purchasing environmentally equivalent (or superior) pollution reductions from another source at lower cost, thus achieving the same water quality improvement at lower overall cost.
Forest Service Announces Open Space Conservation Strategy
Forest Service Chief Abigail Kimbell today announced the release of the Forest Service’s Open Space Conservation Strategy. “Our vision for the 21st century is an interconnected network of open space across the landscape—one that supports healthy ecosystems, renewable resources, and a high quality of life for Americans. We plan to achieve this through collaboration and partnerships—by working with willing landowners, conservation groups and state and local governments to promote voluntary land conservation.” [Chief Kimbell]
Water Quality Trading Guide
Getting Paid for Stewardship: An Agricultural Community Water Quality Trading Guide
State U&CF Coordinators, State U&CF Program
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