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Recent Additions to UFSe

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Lists, with most recent first, additions to the Urban Forestry South website during the past month. Click on a title to view or download the content.
Title Description
UFS Link US Urban Forest Statistics, Values, and Projections Information in this paper provides an estimate of the magnitude and variation of the urban forest resource nationally, its likely expansion in the future, and t...
Citation Evaluating the influence of design strategies and meteorological factors on tree transpiration in bioretention suspended pavement practices Research looking at transpiration rates of trees in suspended pavement practices.
UFS Link Stormwater Goes Green: The Benefit and Health of Trees in Green Stormwater Infrastructure (view webcast) View the on-demand webcast for this presentation
Presentation Stormwater Goes Green: The Benefit and Health of Trees in Green Stormwater Infrastructure This webcast was delivered on Jan. 29, 2018 by Andrew Tirpak through Forester University. It describes some of his research results looking at trees in bioreten...
Citation The Health of Trees in Bioretention: A Survey and Analysis of Influential Variables This research study compared the health of trees in bioretention systems in TN and NC with trees in other open-grown, urban settings.
Presentation Better Root Systems with Gravel Beds This presentation, given at the 2018 Georgia Urban Forest Council Annual Conference at Jekyll Island, describes the function, construction, and maintenance of a...
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