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House bill would use trees to reduce energy use

American Forests has lent its support to a bill that would encourage the use of trees to reduce residential energy demand. The Energy Conservation through Trees Act (H.R. 5867) was introduced on Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, by Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA).

The legislation would create a grant program to help utilities with programs that target tree planting to reduce energy demand. The end result would be lower electric bills for homeowners and lower peak load demands for power companies.

The Energy Conservation through Trees Act would use science-based guidelines to ensure trees are planted where they won’t affect pre-existing infrastructure, block solar panels or wind turbines, or damage power lines. Utilities would work with nonprofit tree-planting groups or similar municipal groups who would act as technical experts. Federal money would have to be matched by nonfederal dollars.

[from American Forests article]

Michelle Robbins
Michelle Robbins
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