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Press Releases

Press releases of urban forestry interest may be cataloged in this section of Urban Forestry South Expo.

Governor Applauds Frederick County Schools For Environmental Leadership PDF document
First School District in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed To Set A Tree Canopy Goal read more...
House bill would use trees to reduce energy use PDF document
American Forests has lent its support to a bill that would encourage the use of trees to reduce residential energy demand. The Energy Conservation through Trees Act (H.R. 5867) was introduced on Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, by Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA). read more...
Post Katrina Study Assesses New Gulf Coast Region's Ecological Impacts and Fire Risks
BILOXI, MS (May 30, 2007)—Gulf Coast counties along the path of Hurricane Katrina lost the greatest amount of tree canopy, and suffered the greatest impacts in terms of increased stormwater runoff and poorer air and water quality.
Application Quantifies Carbon Sequestration of Urban Trees PDF document
U.S. Forest Service scientists at the Center for Urban Forest Research are providing online software that can show users how much carbon dioxide an urban tree in California has sequestered in its lifetime and the past year. read more...
AQMD Board Adopts Ambitious Program to Help Tackle Global Warming
The Southland’s air pollution agency (Southern California Air Quality Management District) today announced the adoption of the SoCal Climate Solutions Exchange – a voluntary program to help combat global warming by producing high-quality greenhouse gas emission reductions.
Forest Service Announces Open Space Conservation Strategy PDF document
Forest Service Chief Abigail Kimbell today announced the release of the Forest Service’s Open Space Conservation Strategy. “Our vision for the 21st century is an interconnected network of open space across the landscape—one that supports healthy ecosystems, renewable resources, and a high quality of life for Americans. We plan to achieve this through collaboration and partnerships—by working with willing landowners, conservation groups and state and local governments to promote voluntary land conservation.” [Chief Kimbell] read more...
Forestry Commission to Award Stimulus Funds for Tree Planting/Public Safety PDF document
(Columbia) The South Carolina Forestry Commission, in cooperation with the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, is pleased to announce that funds are available through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for the Community Forest Health Enrichment Assistance Program. read more...
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Oklahoma Ice Blog
Notes from the Southern Region response to the Oklahoma Ice Storm (December 2007). The Urban Forest Strike Team (UFST) developed by North Carolina and Virginia U&CF programs with assistance from Urban Forestry South provides post-disaster tree assessment assistance to state U&CF programs and communities in the southern region. See February 8th entry for discussion of the "Tulsa Model" and FEMA pilot program for debris payments.
Urban Forestry and Phenology
An introduction to Urban Forestry South's Urban Tree Phenology (UTP) partnership with UCAR and Budburst.
UFS and UCAR Phenology Collaboration
The current status of a project to engage urban forest professionals and managers in the collection of urban tree phenology data.
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Kudzu and bamboo and privet! Oh my! New list identifies invasive plants in Virginia
DCR Natural Heritage scientists used a risk-assessment protocol to determine an invasiveness rank for each species listed. Species were assigned a high, medium or low level of invasiveness in Virginia.
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