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Other Urban Trees and Green Stormwater Infrastructure Material

Accounting for Trees in Stormwater Models
This paper is intended to help the stormwater engineering community more easily account for trees in runoff and pollutant load calculations so that they can more readily incorporate them into their stormwater management strategies.
Gray to Green (G2G): User Guide and Documentation
A decision support tool for transitioning to vegetation-based stormwater management. A product of the University of South Florida in partnership with the University of Florida and Thomas L. Singleton Consulting with grant funding assistance from the U.S. Forest Service.
Trees and Stormwater Calculator Tool
The Trees and Stormwater Calculator Tool is intended to simulate the impact of increasing or decreasing urban tree canopies upon stormwater runoff yield.
The Health of Trees in Bioretention: A Survey and Analysis of Influential Variables
This research study compared the health of trees in bioretention systems in TN and NC with trees in other open-grown, urban settings.
Gravel Bed Stormwater Detention System for Growing Trees in Extra-urban Areas
The purpose of this demonstration project was to show the potential of an inexpensive, gravel-based stormwater detention system to store water for use by trees in ultra-urban areas without sacrificing needed parking space. read more...
International Low Impact Development Conference 2015 - Synopsis
Capture the Rain and Rebuild the Economy: It Can Happen Here!
This fun animation shows how reconnecting trees to our city's watersheds is one of the fastest ways to create lasting jobs while rebuilding local economies and preparing our communities to thrive and survive increasing threats of severe weather.
Evaluation of Natural Green Infrastructure for Watershed Planning in the City of Atlanta
This white paper describes a Preservation Evaluation Tool used to assign an evaluation score to a particular area of preservation or restoration interest and a watershed model used to understand the water quality benefits provided by natural GI and the City’s tree canopy. This tool was developed by ... read more...
Urban Forests in Florida: Trees Control Stormwater Runoff and Improve Water Quality
In this fact sheet we will show how individual trees and urban forest cover assist in maintaining our watershed health, improve water and soil quality, and lower maintenance and construction costs of water storage and treatment systems. read more...
Stormwater to Street Trees
This guide is an introduction to engineered stormwater systems that utilize trees to manage a volume of stormwater. read more...
Trees in Bioretention
This memorandum summarizes the available knowledge on the benefits and potential conflicts with trees in one specific type of stormwater management practice: bioretention. read more...
Urban Forest Systems and Green Stormwater Infrastructure
The purpose of this draft document is to focus on the research-based effects of trees on urban stormwater runoff, provide some helpful urban forest management strategies to maximize stormwater benefits, and demonstrate several examples around the United States where the stormwater benefits of urban ... read more...
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