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Presentations at Events

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This search provides a way to locate specific presentations made at past events, or scheduled for upcoming events. By entering a search term (single or multiple words), you will be able to locate presentations that match. The search will include the presentation title, description and speaker information. For example, if you entered the search term 'Bartlett', you might return all presentations that included speakers associated with the Bartlett Tree Expert Company, a presentation on a tour of the Bartlett Tree Research Lab (probably from the detailed description), or a presentation entitled "Root Collar Research at the Bartlett Tree Research lab in NC". Your search terms should be word(s) associated with urban forestry concepts, or a speakers name or affiliation.

Once matching presentations are displayed, you can 'click' on the title and review the event where the presentation occurred and retrieve any registration or program material that was attached to the event.

Smart Phone Apps for Urban Foresters & Arborists
A PDF of a presentation made at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Alabama Urban Forestry Association.
Urban Forestry Institute - Nashville, TN - May 6-10, 2013 Presentations
This zip file contains all presentations given at the Urban Forestry Institute in Nashville, TN May 6-10, 2013. This file is over 140 mb.
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