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State U&CF Program Contacts

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This list includes state forestry agency, extension, university, an dothers that support each state's U&CF program
Barbara White
Virginia U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Brian Rucker
Tennessee U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Cristina Cabrera
Puerto Rico U&CF Coordinator (Alternate)
Frances Waite
South Carolina U&CF Coordinator
Gloria Freeman
South Carolina Urban Grant Administrator
Joan Scales
Georgia U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Mark Bays
Oklahoma U&CF Coordinator
Mary Lynne Beckley
Georgia Urban Forest Council, Executive Director
Nancy Stairs
North Carolina U&CF Coordinator
Rosa MarĂ­a Quiles
Puerto Rico U&CF Coordinator
Sarah Gracey
Kentucky U&CF Coordinator
Stephen Lloyd
U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Susan Granbery
Georgia U&CF Coordinator
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