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Speakers database that may also be used in presentations
Barbara Hollenbeck
Region 6, U&CF Coordinator
Donna M. Murphy
Mid-Atlantic Center for Urban & Community Forestry
Dr. Bruce Fraedrich
Dr. Colleen Carroll
Dr. Edward F. Gilman
University of Florida
Dr. Greg McPerson
USDA Forest Service (Davis, CA)
Dr. Hallie Dozier
Dr. Kathleen L. Wolf
University of Washington
Dr. Kim D. Coder
University of Georgia
Dr. P. Eric Wiseman
Twitter: @vtarborist
Dr. Steve Dicke
Dudley R. Hartel
Urban Forestry South (USDA Forest Service)
Ed Macie
Region 8, U&CF Coordinator
Eric A. Kuehler
Urban Forestry South
Jennifer Miller
Jill Johnson
Midwestern Center for Urabn & Community Forestry
Macario Herrera
Region 3 U&CF Coordinator
Phillip Rodbell
Northeastern Area U&CF Coordinator
Rachel Barker
Sandy Macias
Region 5 U&CF Coordinator
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