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Alphabetical list of key government agency personnel, university faculty, researchers, and speakers working with U&CF issues in the Southern region, US and internationally.
Pete Barber
Kentucky U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Rachel Barker
Mark Bays
Oklahoma U&CF Coordinator
Mary Lynne Beckley
Georgia Urban Forest Council, Executive Director
Debbie Bell
Newton County (GA) Arborist
Dr. Héctor M. Benavides-Meza
David V. Bloniarz
UNRI Project Coordinator
George Byrd
Mississippi Outreach Coordinator
Cristina Cabrera
Puerto Rico U&CF Coordinator (Alternate)
Dr. Colleen Carroll
Dr. Kim D. Coder
University of Georgia
Suzannah DesRoches
Louisiana U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Dr. Steve Dicke
Dr. Hallie Dozier
Lois Edwards
Pee Dee Region Urban Forester
Patti Erwin
Arkansas U&CF Coordinator
Margi Ewing
Region 1 & 4 U&CF Coordinator
Dr. Bruce Fraedrich
Gloria Freeman
South Carolina Urban Grant Administrator
Jim Geiger
U&CF Technology Transfer
John Giedraitis
Texas U&CF Coordinator
Dr. Edward F. Gilman
University of Florida
Sarah Gracey
Kentucky U&CF Coordinator
Susan Granbery
Georgia U&CF Coordinator
Jim Hancock
Mississippi U&CF Coordinator
Dudley R. Hartel
Urban Forestry South (USDA Forest Service)
Cliff Hawkins
Alabama U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Macario Herrera
Region 3 U&CF Coordinator
Barbara Hollenbeck
Region 6, U&CF Coordinator
Jill Johnson
Midwestern Center for Urabn & Community Forestry
Bill Kitchings
Outreach Coordinator
Eric A. Kuehler
Urban Forestry South
Greg Levine
Trees Atlanta Executive Director & CPO
Stephen Lloyd
U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Sandy Macias
Region 5 U&CF Coordinator
Ed Macie
Region 8, U&CF Coordinator
Charlie Marcus
Florida U&CF Partnership Coordinator
Rosa María Quiles
Puerto Rico U&CF Coordinator
Matthew McCollough
Alabama U&CF Coordinator
Alanna McFarland
Oklahoma U&CF Partnership Coordinator
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